Companies that offer home furnishings products with the Eco3Home registration are listed below. Click on the company name to view a list of the products or collections that have been Eco3Home- registered. Then click on the product or collection name to view the health, safety and environmental information that pertains to that particular product or collection.

The Eco3Home registration process allows companies to group together pieces that share the same primary components. This reduces redundancy in data reporting and will help us keep this website easy to navigate, even when we have thousands of products in the database!

In addition to health, safety and environmental information, Eco3Home requires a unique component "inventory" for each piece of furniture registered, similar to an ingredient label on food packaging. Just as ingredient and nutrition labels help you select the best foods for you and your family, Eco3Home data can help you select the best furnishings, based on your family's priorities.

Eco3Home is a voluntary product registration program developed by the American Home Furnishings Alliance, a trade association for the residential furnishings industry. An official of the participating company must certify that the information provided to AHFA for posting on this website is accurate and up-to-date.

Eco3Home was launched in October 2010. Please check back often to find additional companies and products listed.

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